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Shareholder Perspective: Chill Brands


Shareholder Perspective: Chill Brands

Chill Brands Group (CHLL)  is a classic recovery story with the massive added benefit of having an energetic and enthusiastic CEO at the start of his career who is determined to make a success of it.

Shareholder communication is top class and full use is made of social media to update the market.


The soon to be headline product is at the premium end of the vape market with the added benefit of being nicotine free.   ChillZERO is set to take the tobacco alternative market by storm as distribution to select retailers starts in earnest today. A prototype non disposable model is being tested. Rumours are that a few boxes at the NHS might one day be ticked.

Domain Name

Chill is the proud owner of the high value premium domain chill .com acquired for a very reasonable 7 figure price. Single word 5 letter dictionary dot com domains can be serious investments. There can only ever be one.


Visitors to the website are automatically guided to the US or UK version where a range of wellbeing products are available. Think of an Amazonesque platform in its infancy and the opportunity becomes clear.


Investing should be fun, engaging and profitable. I truly believe I have been very fortunate to find a unique opportunity to invest in a company that genuinely is in the right place at the right time. Do your own research please, it’s an extremely relaxing experience. Chill.

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