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Zaks Traders Cafe is the place for in depth interviews and conversations on the financial markets.

Zak covers everything from microcaps to macro predictions, asking the questions others shy away from, while helping traders and investors gain an edge and uncover hidden gems.

Zaks Traders Cafe is a one stop shop for technical, fundamental and sentiment analysis from the moment the markets open. There are no juniors filling in on Zaks Traders Cafe. This is experience-based content. We are unafraid to swim against the tide, but at the same time we avoid the clickbait, shock jock tactics of others in the space.

Zaks Traders Cafe is a uniquely positive and helpful platform with one of the largest followings among UK stock market commentators. Our goal is to get the call right.


Zak has been in the financial markets for over 30 years, initially as a derivatives broker in the 90s, and later as one of the UK’s leading stock market commentators. He was a pioneer of technical analysis in the UK, covering major markets down to small caps. In recent years, Zak has specialised in providing detailed insights to retail and institutional investors on small cap companies, while assisting quoted companies in getting their message out to these investors.

Zak The Broker
Zak has worked for Sucden Financial and Union Cal (later part of Man Group). He provided technical research to GNI.

Zak The Journalist
Zak has written for numerous investment publications including Shares Magazine, Investors Chronicle, Yahoo! Finance, and Spectator Money, while appearing as a guest stock market commentator on CNBC and Bloomberg. He is a member of the National Union of Journalists.