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Audioboom (BOOM), the global podcast company, announced the creation of more than 1 billion advertising impressions for the first time. The company said to create more than one billion monthly advertising impressions highlights the scale that it is developing at Audioboom. It continues to develop innovative technology that enables its creators to maximize the value of their content, while providing its brand partners with powerful advertising options. It is increased scale will power a strong end to 2023 and a record year for Audioboom in 2024.

Comment: Shareholders will be looking forward to impressions turning into revenue and in turn profits with a rising share price in 2024.

Hydrogen Utopia International (HUI), a company specialising in turning non-recyclable mixed waste plastic into hydrogen, inform shareholders that Ohrid Organics Limited started a news page to share significant milestones in Ohrid Organics’ journey towards providing high quality medical cannabis products around the world. HUI is pleased to announce that Ohrid Organics has achieved certification for the CUMCS-GAP.

Comment: Director share buying reminds the market that we are in the run up to the first dividends from Ohrid in the new year, something which not only secures HUI’s finances, but allows it to ultimately execute its strategy of building waste plastic to hydrogen plants.

Sovereign Metals (SVML) announced that a bulk sampling program to extract over 100 tonnes of ore from Kasiya is underway. The bulk sampling program is part of the Company’s graphite bulk sample program for qualification, downstream testwork and product development. A major component to graphite sales agreements is customer qualification with graphite produced from this program to be shared with prospective end-users in addition to being used for upscaled downstream test-work. The company said its upscaled graphite program comes as China implements curbs on exports of natural graphite under “national security” concerns. Kasiya is one of the world’s largest natural graphite deposits outside of China and has the potential to become a key source of strategic supply to the US, UK, EU, Japan and South Korea.

Comment: It looks as though the market is finally cottoning on to China’s typically authoritarian euphemism of “national security” with regard to graphite. One suspects we have seen the floor in the stock, ahead of a proper re-rate.

Metals One (MET1), which is advancing battery metal projects at brownfield sites in Finland and Norway, announces that Gunsynd (GUN) has confirmed its commitment to making the first payment of £250,000 to FinnAust Mining Northern OY, a wholly owned subsidiary of Metals One, pursuant to the subscription and shareholders agreement between Metals One, FinnAust and Gunsynd, shortly. The Agreement covers Gunsynd’s commitment to subscribe for such number of shares in FinnAust as is equal to 25% of the voting rights of FinnAust, at an aggregate subscription price of £1,000,000.

Comment: Metals One stands out as a company in its space due to its location, funding structure, and at the moment the newsflow, so soon after listing.

San Leon (SLE), the independent oil and gas company focused on Nigeria, updated on the investment of up to US$187 million into the Company by Tri Ri Asset Management Corp.  The investment was announced by the Company on 10 October 2023. San Leon has accordingly requested draw down of the US$125.0 million convertible secured loan from TRAM. SLE said Pending receipt of the funds from TRAM, the US$5.0 million loan from funds managed by Toscafund Asset Management LLP remains outstanding. In this regard, San Leon is in regular correspondence with Toscafund in relation to the likely timing of any repayment and release of the security held by Toscafund. In addition, the Company has not yet settled any of its other outstanding creditors.

Comment: It would appear that it is all systems go in terms of SLE getting the rabbit out of the hat funding deal into its coffers, something its creditors will no doubt be delighted about.

StreaksAI (STK), a UK-based generative AI platform, announce the launch of ‘Streaks Companion’, a highly personalised AI chatbot service allowing for sophisticated humanlike companionship, mentorship and digital assistant services. The company said that with the launch of Streaks Companion, it is not just delivering a product, but an experience. AI virtual companions will continue to grow in popularity and Streaks is well positioned to meet this demand.

Comment: Of course everyone these days needs an AI virtual companion. It is to be hoped that STK does more to convince investors that this concept is the new rock and roll in technology.

E-Therapeutics (ETX) following last week’s Interims it announces a strategic collaboration with  Arcturis Data. It will provide high quality  enriched real-world clinically rich data to  e-therapeutics’ computational biology platform. The collaboration will focus on delivering novel insights to support innovative therapies for patients with metabolic dysfunction and associated fatty liver disease, including non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, which is a massive market. Under the terms of the agreement, e-therapeutics will have exclusive rights to nominate novel gene targets derived from the collaboration to developed drugs on its RNAi platform. The interims reported cash on hand of £24m, which should be a comfortable 6–9-month runway.

Comment: At a year’s low of 9.25p and a £54m mkt cap this development should be positively received

Kanabo Group (KNB), the patient-focused provider of digital health services and specialist medicines, announced that it has entered into a partnership with BRITISH CANNABIS™ to supply the CBD by BRITISH CANNABIS™ range of pharmacy-grade CBD health supplements to patients via a prescription service through the Group’s online pain management clinic, Treat It. KNB said it aims to increase medicinal cannabis access for more patients. This partnership allows Treat It doctors to include a wider range of quality CBD supplements in our telemedicine offerings. We’re eager to further enhance patient-centric healthcare and treatment options. This partnership is just the beginning, and it hoped to announce more expansive collaborations in due course.

Comment: It may just be the beginning of the collaborations that KNB is going to get involved with. But the market is yet to share the enthusiasm that the company clearly has in its chosen area, at least in terms of the stock price.

Shanta Gold (SHG), the East Africa-focused gold producer, developer and explorer, provided an exploration update for the West Kenya Project in Kenya. The company said it continue to believe that the drilling results delivered at West Kenya demonstrates that this project has the potential to become one of Africa’s next quality, high-grade gold mines, and it looks forward to updating shareholders on this exciting project in due course.

Comment: SHG is starting to feel the benefit of a higher gold price. However, the market still needs to fully latch onto the notion that the company is sitting on one of the better gold mines around in the small cap space.