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hVIVO (HVO), a specialist contract research organisation, announced that it has been engaged for a Phase 2b field study assessing an influenza candidate. This contract is with a US company and will commence later this year with hVIVO enrolling up to 1,000 healthy volunteers as part of a multicenter study with hVIVO being selected as the sole UK clinical site. HVO said it was delighted to sign this field study contract to assess the efficacy and safety of its client’s influenza drug candidate. This is its largest field study contract to date, further evidencing the recognition it has earned for its highly effective recruitment capabilities and also opens up a new growth opportunity for the Group.

Comment: Our regular fix of new contract wins for HVO continues, with this Stateside deal reminding the market that it continues to under-rate the company, both in terms of its scalable growth prospects, and its increasing sector stranglehold.

Wildcat (WCAT) reported that during the last quarter, significant progress was made in South Sudan towards securing an oil asset to develop under a Production Sharing Service Agreement through the signing of a collaboration agreement with the Ministry of Petroleum (MOP), as announced on 7 May 2024. WCAT said it was more than happy with the progress that has been made since the signing of the Agreement.

Comment: The market may still be content not to believe that WCAT will land a giant killing deal, but as can be seen from today’s “Catflap” everything appears to be on track for such a scenario.

CleanTech Lithium (CTL), an exploration and development company advancing sustainable lithium projects in Chile, announced the results of a plant location study completed as part of the ongoing pre-feasibility study (PFS) for the Laguna Verde Project, which is due to complete later this year. CTL said it undertook a plant location study as part of its ongoing PFS for the Laguna Verde project resulting in the decision to locate the DLE and eluate concentration stages at the project site, and the carbonation plant in Copiapó. This will have various benefits such as reducing the footprint and impacts at Laguna Verde, and taking advantage of existing infrastructure, power supply and skilled workforce in Copiapó.

Comment: Ahead of the ASX listing and in the wake of the latest funding, it can be seen that CTL is finessing its newsflow in underlining prospects for Laguna Verde. The fact that the shares are still near the low end of the range ahead of the dual listing should provide an opportunity for value hunters.

MediaZest (MDZ)  there is sequence of events that could make this low growth subsize  creative audio-visual solutions provider, worth looking at.  After its Interims to March reported a token 11% improvement in Revenue to £1.17m there was also  a  reduction in loss to £141k from £260k. As demand for its technology in  three core sectors retail, automotive and corporate offices  remain ‘sticky’. The Improved trend is expected to continue and accelerate in the second half as a result of recent project wins and new business activity. The  target is for year-on-year growth and a return to profitability although  cash is tight even after January’s  £120k raise at 0.04p.  We  notice that Oberon Investments  recently  increased their stake from 12.4% to 14.4%. The final piece is that today the  market is  invited to a Presentation on Monday the 8th July

Comment : (Jon Lev)  At 0.08p the mkt cap is £1.27m …  while there is potential for corporate activity ( consolidation /fund raise) , the shares however  seem option money.

Bezant (BZT), the copper-gold exploration and development company, announced that IDM International Limited to which the Company sold its interest in the Mankayan Copper Gold project in the Philippines has provided a shareholder update. BZT said it was very pleased to share an update on the Mankayan Copper Gold Project which demonstrates the professional and diligent manner in which management in the Philippines supported by IDM are developing the Mankayan Project.  The Mankayan Copper Gold Project is a Tier 1 asset and with the recognised copper shortfall there is a need to bring large copper projects like the Mankayan Copper Gold project into production to meet the copper supply shortfall being faced by global markets.

Comment: Shares of BZT continue to bump along the bottom. However, news such as today’s suggests that the market remains too hard on the bull argument here. Copper is currently king.

Gem Diamonds Limited (GEMD) announced the recovery of a remarkable 123.20ct Type II White Diamond recovered at the Letšeng mine in Lesotho on 29 June 2024.

Comment: Everyone’s best friend.

Hummingbird Resources (HUM) presented the updated Reserves and Resources Estimate Statements as of 31 December 2023. The Group’s updated Reserves total 3.94 million ounces of gold, with Resources amounting to 6.66 Moz. HUM said it was committed to unlocking significant potential at both its Yanfolila Mine and new Kouroussa Mine with the strategic aim of uplifting Reserves and extending mine lives. At Kouroussa, it saw a small increase in Reserves, which is based upon its conservative resource approach to account for the historic artisanal dilution and highlights the golden opportunity for further near-term upside as its continue our exploration push to almost double its LOM to 10-years plus.

Comment: Although it is clear that HUM has enough in resources to satisfy even the most greedy James Bond villain, the market still obsesses on debt levels. However, these could be swept away easily through ongoing production. Most importantly, none of the upside is currently reflected in the lowly share price.

URA Holdings (URAH) announced the results of an independent desk-based review of the Discounted Cashflow (DCF) model for the Gravelotte Emerald Mine (GEM) in South Africa. Net Present Value (NPV) before tax at 10% Discount Rate of USD 22.39 million. Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 76%. Estimated total Profit before Tax over LOM: $79.5 million. Payback Period: 2.5 years. URAH said the high IRR and positive NPV underscore the significant potential value this project can bring to its shareholders. With the initial production startup capital expenditure already completed, and the mine now back in production, it is well-positioned to advance this project and capitalize on the opportunities it presents.

Comment: It is rather telling that shares of URAH have actually fallen since the company started production – something which the market was very picky about seeing. Today’s underlining of the potential and scale of Gravelotte should start to re-rate the stock once again, towards the 2.5p plus zone.

Coinsilium (AQSE: COIN), the Web3 investor, advisor, and venture builder, announced that it has signed a MOU with Liteflow, Inc, an experienced Web3 and NFT technical developer. COIN said this comprehensive expansion positions Coinsilium to work with a wider range of prospective clients, materially enhancing potential revenue streams and the development comes at a pivotal moment in the Web3 space, where numerous opportunities are emerging for the Company.

Comment: COIN with this latest MOU has shown it is moving to bolster revenue, and establish a foothold in the key Web3 space which is the new railroad for the 2020s.