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Vinanz (AQSE: BTC), the London listed Bitcoin mining company, announced that it has applied to have its ordinary shares eligible for electronic clearing and settlement in the United States through the Depository Trust Company. DTC eligibility is expected to simplify the process of trading and enhance liquidity of Vinanz shares in the United States. The Company’s shares recently began trading on the OTCQB under the symbol “VINZF”. BTC said having recently begun trading on the OTCQB Market, Vinanz has now applied to have its shares traded in the US to be DTC eligible. Being DTC eligible in the US will make the trading of its shares on the OTCQB much easier, faster, and cheaper for a wider array of investors not only in the US but also for overseas trading platforms that trade shares on the OTC Market.

Comment: Vinanz is currently right on the money in terms of riding the crypto rally, and is sporting one of the strongest share price charts not only on Aquis, but elsewhere in the small cap space. The US angle only adds to the momentum.

Hydrogen Utopia International (HUI), a company specialising in turning non-recyclable mixed waste plastic into hydrogen and other carbon-free fuels, announced that it to be acquired by reverse takeover is Helmond Holding Group Corp., HHG is a substantial and profitable international bio-energy company. The Directors expect that the development of HUI’s waste plastic to hydrogen technology combined with HHG’s established biofuels production business will lead to the re-admitted company becoming a dominant player not only in the biofuels but also in the hydrogen market.

Comment: With the release of three RNS’s in 24 hours, rather like the three stages of the rocket in the Apollo mission, we see HUI transform directly from blue sky to blue chip. Presumably, the slow release information release is designed by the powers that be to ensure that, god forbid, the shares do not rise too quickly.

Aptamer Group (APTA), the developer of novel Optimer® binders, announced an update on the technical progress made with the new Optimer®+ programme. APTA said since it received the proceeds of the September fundraise, the team has worked hard to accelerate the development of Optimer®+ and to show the new platform’s capabilities. The development of this platform is integral to its mission to stay at the forefront of binder technologies.

Comment: While one might suspect that there are not many retail investors who could answer questions on the nature of Aptamer’s novel binders, it is interesting that the shares have been getting some decent traction of late.

Reabold Resources (RBD), the investing company focussed on European energy security, provided an operational and corporate update. RBD said that after receiving the final tranche of the payment from Shell, Reabold is now financially well positioned to progress it’s two key assets, and in doing so, contribute significantly to European gas supply and energy security. It is excited by the new phased capex plan at West Newton which could see production and cash flow much sooner than previously expected, and with considerably reduced initial capital investment. It anticipates a funding solution for the drilling of WN-A3 being finalised in the near future, and this first development well being drilled this year.

Comment: It is a steady as we go, requisitions, what requisitions update from RBD, something which implies that the company is back on track. Ideally, the promise of a quicker result at West Newton is a driver to get the shares off their current punishment beating valuation zone.

Sondrel (SND), a provider of ultra-complex chips for leading global technology brands, announced that it has won a new design and supply contract for a next generation video processing chip with a total estimated value of US$23 million across the design, qualification and projected production life of the product. SND said this is a substantial design and supply contract for Sondrel and a demonstration of the Group’s ability to provide the most complex engineering expertise required for these next generation technologies. It was delighted to partner with one of the leading manufacturers in the high growth video streaming market, where the constant innovation and focus on efficiency is driving demand for complex chips like Sondrel’s”.

Comment: It should be the case that the latest newflow should be / should have been enough to turn the recent bear market in the stock around in a meaningful way. At least while we are on the right side of 10p there is a chance of a retest of this month’s 20p plus peaks.

On the Beach Group (OTB) announce that it has signed a long-term distribution agreement with Ryanair Holdings. OTB said it was excited to have entered into this transformational partnership with Ryanair. This will improve the booking and travel experience for its customers selecting Ryanair flights, while ensuring it can continue to provide customers with best value package holidays.

Comment: Given Ryanair’s reputation for fiscal prudence it would be interesting to know how well OTB has come off on its side of the bargain. Nevertheless, the shares should find a decent amount of succour off the back of today’s news.

PCI-PAL (PCIP), the global cloud provider of secure payment solutions for business communications, announced its unaudited interim results for the six months to 31 December 2023. PCIP said it was delighted with the continued progress it has made in H1, and it believes that it is well on its way to achieving the key financial objectives it set for the year. Revenue growth momentum continues as a result of the accumulation of new business and also exceptionally high customer retention rates.

Comment: November – January was a strong time for PCIP, but it may be that it takes a little more than the positive noises in today’s RNS to revive the year end market enthusiasm.

Union Jack Oil (UJO), a UK focused onshore hydrocarbon company, offered a positive update in respect of planned future drilling and the potential development at West Newton PEDL183. UJO said together with its Joint Venture partners at West Newton, it has embarked on delivering a viable drilling programme, planned to be executed in late 2024, with the potential for an early single gas well development following successful testing.

Comment: Shares of UJO have done their best to rebound from just under the 20p zone, but it may be that the company has the market waiting for drilling at the end of this year before the buyers return in a significant way.

OptiBiotix Health (OPTI), a life sciences business, provided a strategic and commercial update. OPTI said it was pleased to report substantial progress over the last 12 months with its first-generation products returning to sales growth, a number of well-known corporate partners reaching agreements (e.g Tata, Brenntag,) and launching new products with major brands (MuscleTech) in new channels. It was also pleased to see continued growth of online sales, particularly in China.

Comment: OPTI has finessed its Aspartame windfall well, with the shares in a decent holding pattern above 20p. Nevertheless, it looks as though it will be sales that the market is looking for to take the shares back to dizzy heights above 40p seen last summer.

Synectics (SNX) reported finals to November with a 26% increase in Revenue to £49.1m with a substantial increase in operating profits from £1.2m to £3.1m. The next cash of £4.6m allows a 50% increase in dividend to 3p, while EPS is 14.2p up from 6.9p. SNX designs and integrates advanced security and surveillance systems to protect people, property, and assets. The order book increased to £29.2m with significant contract wins across all sectors. The continuing focus is on specialist, core markets – gaming, oil and gas, public space, transport, and critical infrastructure  were there are significant growth opportunities. Synectics’s s ‘dataveillance’ engine combines feeds from CCTV cameras and many other systems across multiple sites into one simple interface, allowing operators supported by AI to identify and respond promptly to anomalous events or potential threats.

Comment: The price is up from around 100p after our comments on November’s Trading update to 185p with a £33m Mkt Cap, where the P/E is 13x and yield of 1.6%  and does not seem overvalued.

Oracle Power (ORCP), an international project developer, announced commencement of the requisite Geotechnical Study and Electrical Resistivity Survey (ERS) in respect of the planned Renewable Power plant on the project site in Jhimpir, in the Sindh Province of Pakistan.  Oracle Energy has appointed F&M (Pvt.) Limited, a reputable provider of engineering, testing, and verification services, to conduct the Geotechnical Study and ERS. ORCP said the commencement of these important studies is testament to its commitment to responsible project development. It  remains aligned with national and international standards as it seeks to advance relationships with potential investors and lenders and move closer to the Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) phase, thereby solidifying its path towards a comprehensive and sustainable project blueprint.

Comment: ORCP continues to move along in terms of its project development strategy, and it is evident that the Sindh project is a significant one, and one that is being moved forward at pace.

Hummingbird (HUM) noted the recent announcement by Pasofino Gold Limited regarding the commencement of exploration activities at Bukon Jedeh, a high-priority target area within the Dugbe Gold Project, Liberia. Hummingbird currently holds a 53% shareholding in Pasofino following the conversion of its controlling interest in Dugbe into a controlling interest in Pasofino, and a further US$2 million investment earlier this year. HUM said the initiation of exploration at Bukon Jedeh, a high priority target area, underscores the opportunity to build additional Resources beyond the 3.9 Moz Resource already identified, and in turn grow the existing 2.8 Moz Reserve. It reaffirms Pasofino’s focus on unlocking the full potential of the exceptional Dugbe Gold Project and ultimately bringing this asset into full production, further consolidating its presence as a growing precious metal miner in the broader region.

Comment: HUM has been pressing all the right buttons of late, especially the one that requires the company to be well funded and de-risked. Today’s update reminds us that the company is sitting on an ever increasing asset base, at a time when gold is near record highs.

Silverbullet (SBDS), a provider of digital transformation services and products, announced an extended contract with Mars Petcare US, which provides pet nutrition, health, and veterinary services as part of Mars, Incorporated. SBDS said its enduring partnership with Mars Petcare US, now entering its third year, reflects its commitment to delivering transformative data solutions.

Comment: Although charting coverage in the Bulletin Board Heroes is arguably the most coverage that Silverbullet gets, it can be seen that the company has a decent sugar daddy in Mars, and this positive state of affairs seems set to continue.

Fusion Antibodies (FAB), specialists in pre-clinical antibody discovery, engineering and supply for both therapeutic drug and diagnostic applications, announced it has received a first purchase order under the master services agreement (MSA) with a leading diagnostics company details of which were announced on 14 February 2024. FAB said reaching this agreement with a world class diagnostics provider positively reinforces the value to the wider commercial world of Fusion Antibodies’ technologies and capabilities. In this case it is the generation of antibodies in diagnostics products.

Comment: It could be argued that fundamentally FAB is now on track as a recovery situation, with the purchase order and recent funding. Only a rise in the share price is missing.

Orcadian Energy (ORCA), the North Sea focused oil and gas development company, announced its unaudited results for the six months ended 31 December 2023. ORCA said in the second half of 2023 it struck the deal which it has been seeking since it first signed the Pilot licence. The deal with Ping Petroleum is transformational for us and, whilst completion is still subject to the satisfaction of certain conditions, the board remains confident that these conditions will be satisfied before the end of this quarter.

Comment: With ORCA we have a decent time window at the end of this quarter, something which could kick in soon above the 10p level to give us a rebound towards the autumn’s 20p plus zone.

Cobra (COBR), an exploration company focused on the Wudinna Project in South Australia, announced that Stage 1 re-analysis of historical drillholes, has defined Heavy Rare Earth Oxide enriched mineralisation within the Yaninee Palaeochannel, located ~30km southwest of Boland, where REE mineralisation occurs proximal to sandstone hosted uranium mineralisation. COBR said these results re-affirm its belief that the ionic REE mineralisation confirmed at Boland is not isolated but part of an extensive system within Cobra tenements that is amenable to low cost, low disturbance ISR mining. This work will, in time, inform a potentially substantial palaeochannel ionic rare earth mineral resource estimate.

Comment: It is a shame that despite all the progress COBR has been making on the REE front, and with the added sizzle of uranium, that it remains relatively under the radar with investors. We this state of affairs is rectified one would imagine the shares will re-rate well.

URA (URAH) announce that pursuant to the Fundraise it has raised £475,000, through a placing at an issue price of 2p. URAH said it was delighted to announce this successful institutional placing. This significant increase in their investment by well-known UK institutions is a testimony of the quality of its assets, its team and the progress it has made and will continue to make as it not only starts production but focuses on post production activities like sales, marketing and expansion. The proceeds will be used primarily to meet the working capital needs of its operations at the Gravelotte Emerald Mine once production has commenced and is expected to take it through to first revenue.

Comment: URAH is now officially funded to first revenue, taking advantage of a recent well deserved rally in the share price, as the market looks forward to a tsunami of emeralds.

SkinBioTherapeutics (SBTX), a life science company focused on skin health, announced that interim data from the AxisBiotix Acne food supplement consumer participant study with the lead formulation are very positive. SBTX said it was really excited to see such positive results against all the criteria at this interim stage. After the success of running a consumer participant study with the AxisBiotix-Ps product, it followed the same set-up for our acne candidate. And, just like the AxisBiotix study, many participants have recorded quite dramatic changes in their condition already.

Comment: Obviously acne is a massive market, and a win in this area could be massive for SBTX. It is a shame therefore that the share price has taken such a painful trajectory since November’s peaks towards 30p.