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Joachim von Halasz, Head of Investor Relations, Amazon Natural Spring Waters


Joachim von Halasz, Head of Investor Relations, Amazon Natural Spring Waters

Zak Mir talks to Joachim von Halasz, Head of Investor Relations, Amazon Natural Spring Waters.

Amazon Natural Spring Waters (ANSW), is a UK water company, distributing bottled water around the world. It has announced four large distribution deals for UK (10m litres per year), Kenya (2.5m litres per year), New Zealand (1m litres per year), and GCC (up to 50m litres per year).  Additionally, it is available on Amazon, the global online retailer.

Founded in 2022, the source and bottling factory are in Curitiba, Brazil, only 45 miles away from the Atlantic coast, making logistics easy. The high-quality natural spring water comes from a large underground lake, constantly replenishing.

ANSW’s Brand ambassador is Philippe Coutinho who plays for the Brazilian National Team and for Aston Villa, making it a global brand. The charitable aim of the company is to give back 5 cents per litre purchased to protect the Amazon Rainforest. Today’s geopolitical trends with regards to water security and water scarcity in some parts of the world, increasing in the next years, is leading to higher demand for safe bottled water.

For further information on ANSW and their current equity offering, please visit the NR Private Market platform at the following link: Details of the offer are available after accreditation.

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