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There are apparently only two certainties in life: death and taxes, not necessarily in that order. In fact, for stock market purposes we can add a third aspect, Sky News saying that a company could be bid for. In fact, answers on a postcard, if anyone can remember when a bid did not materialize from City Editor, Mark Kleinman. Therefore, it was of interest today that while shares of adtech company was gently put into play earlier today , a stock which even most seasoned investors have not heard of, the shares rose as if an announcement could be on the way confirming the story.

In the end the shares closed up 13%, having only recently hit new lows the day before. The obvious thing to assume is that there will be confirmation of an offer or offers first thing on Wednesday, and that will be the end of the matter with the shares maybe trading near to 300p. However, it would arguably be more exciting if there was silence and the stock was able to find its own level. Perhaps then one of its blue chip U.S. customers could then be in the frame to deliver a take-over, and we may see a re-rate more in line with the old 2021 peaks and old mooted offer price near 900p?

But backing off from speculation, and looking at the daily chart, we have in itself quite a useful setup. The shares gapped down on Friday, and then today closed back above the top of the gap at 250p. This therefore means we have been treated to a bear trap, and a gap reversal as the shares closed well above 250p to stand at 263p. It leads us to take the view that if Tremor can remain above the 250p gap top, there could be a squeeze towards the 320p zone, and the 50 day moving average area . This could happen as soon as the end of this month, even without a bid, as the filled gap down gives the impression that bears of the stock have been caught out, the Sky revelation notwithstanding.

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